Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil

By Daisy Lear

In this article, I would like to provide some information about Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil.  I was introduced to this fabulous oil from Herb’s Best Nutrition,, in Calgary, Canada.  They wrote an email offering to donate their product to the non-profit organization, Acupuncture for Veterans and their Families (AVF).  AVF was very happy to receive such a generous donation, especially since the oil supports healthy digestive, respiratory and urogenital systems.  Sea Buckthorn Berry oil addresses problems related to immune system deficiencies, pain, inflammation, arthritis and stress.  It is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.  Since Chinese medicine and acupuncture works toward naturally reducing inflammation, supporting the immune and digestive systems, and reducing pain, the oil and acupuncture work well together.

The following information is taken from Herb’s Best Nutrition’s web site:

Sea Buckthorn is one of the most nutrient dense fruit in the world with over 190 phytonutrients and active ingredients. The berries contain large amount of flavonoids, plant lipids, vitamins, and minerals. Many studies also show that Sea Buckthorn promote tissue regeneration and anti-inflammatory action in the skin, hair and mucosa of internal organs; hence, protecting the health of respiratory, digestive and urogenital tract.  It is also the only plant source that provides omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids. The vitamin C value virtually tops among all the fruits we commonly consume.

A testimonial from Butch, mechanic and Vietnam veteran:

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how it’s going since you put me on the Sea Buckthorn Berry oil.  The flavor is such that I don’t sprinkle it on ice cream or use it as a coffee flavoring but there are several benefits that I am thrilled with.

I am a mechanic by trade and as such I rotate my wrist repeatedly against strong resistance when using a wrench.  After work I had been experiencing pain and burning in the wrist even when at rest.  I have noticed lately that that pain has diminished considerably and now doesn’t disrupt my sleep as it had prior to using the oil.

Several years ago I had my right hip replaced.  Recently I started to have some pain in my other hip.  The pain was like what I was experiencing when my right hip started to go bad.  Today I had my left hip x-rayed and found that the damage is almost as bad as the damage was to my hip when it was replaced.  Eventually I will have to get the left hip replaced but I feel that will be quite some time in the future because of the Buckthorn oil.  Now I am walking with very little pain which is very manageable as long as I don’t get too tired.  This alone makes the taste of the oil tolerable.  Thank you for suggesting it because it has made a world of difference in my life.

Sincerely:   Butch     02/12

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