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Great news, I have become a health care provider for both the Denver and Cheyenne Veteran’s Affairs Non VA Care department.  From October 2017 through August 2018, six veterans from the Cheyenne VA and one veteran from the Denver VA have been given authorized visits for acupuncture at my office in Longmont.  Happily, their travel time for appointments is much less burdensome.  Here is a view point from one of the veterans who has gone through the process:

“I am fortunate enough to have had Daisy for my Non-VA care. As a combat vet, I came home with my fair share of issues that needed addressing. Getting approved through the VA was fairly seamless and I highly recommend her service to all of my battle-buddies out there that need help. Having been utilizing acupuncturists for 14 years, I know the difference in quality care and Ms. Lear is top notch.”

Darren Moon, Longmont

Combat Veteran, served in Iraq and Gulf War

The Non VA Care department is similar to the Choice Program in that a veteran may see a health care provider apart from the VA.  Veterans may ask for visits with an acupuncture provider closer to their home, making appointments more easily accessible.  The following paragraph provides an outline of how it works and what to expect:

  • Veterans can ask for acupuncture through the Non VA Care department by first speaking with their primary care provider at the VA either in person or over the phone.  Requested care does NOT have to be service connected.
  • The PCP then authorizes visits and gives the information to the Non VA Care department.  
  • The veteran will then receive paperwork in the mail detailing how many visits were authorized and contact information of an acupuncture provider.  
  • The acupuncturist will receive the veteran’s contact information, authorization for visits and health history.  
  • The veteran may then arrange appointments for treatment in the acupuncturist’s office.  
  • The acupuncture provider takes care of submitting invoices, and faxes treatment notes to the Non VA department on behalf of the veteran. 
  • The veteran is not responsible for payment

For more information, please call (303)587-3557 or visit


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